October 3, 2022

Amaryllis is the holidays’ most photo-worthy flower, and it’s easy to grow, bulb to bloom.

Photo by Brad Mee

1) Choose a large, firm bulb with roots. Soak the bulb base and roots in warm water a few hours before planting. Fill a pot halfway with loam soil. Position the bulb in the pot and carefully spread its roots. Add more soil, leaving the top one-third to one-half of the bulb exposed. Water thoroughly.

2) Place the potted bulb in a cool location and water sparingly (once a week) until the stem appears. Then as the leaves and bud appear, gradually increase watering.  Decorate soil surface with moss and small ornaments.

Cactus & Tropicals
Photo by Brad Mee

3) As the stem and bud grow, place the potted bulb in a bright, warm window and increase watering.

4) Cut spent flowers from the stem. With larger bulbs, expect secondary stems and buds to appear.

Amaryllis, Cactus & Tropicals
Photo by Brad Mee

Top Tip: For a no-fuss alternative, purchase a pre-planted flowering amaryllis and let the spectacle begin.

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