October 3, 2022

Colorful, vocal and full of life, feathered visitors offer observers a window into nature that is often overlooked. Sparked by a renewed connection to wildlife, thousands of people have taken up the long-established hobby of birding during the pandemic. Sales of birdseed and bird-watching accessories skyrocketed in 2020— the National Audubon Society reported a 50% increase in profits for birding retailers across the country.

To attract even more birds to your backyard, adorn your outdoor spaces with colorful feeders that are as eye-catching as they are practical. If you’re trying to attract hummingbirds, which are sensitive to ultraviolet light, choose a vivid feeder in red, pink or orange. Other species, like goldfinches and bluebirds, are more tempted by their own distinct colors. Here, we offer eight stylish bird feeders sure to make your yard a certified flock favorite.

Stylish bird feeders aren’t the only way to attract aerial visitors, learn more tips and tricks here!

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