September 28, 2022

Pondering a fresh palette? We’re going to make it very simple for you: consider pale yellow. Forget what you’ve heard about yellow being brassy and overly bright. The color has range, and because its paler shades are subdued, they’re joyous without being jarring. What’s more, many are nearly neutral, so they’re foolproof when used liberally in any space where warmth and cheer are prized. Or they can be injected in smaller doses as accents and accessories that blithely spread their happy hues. If you aren’t quite committed to painting your interiors, consider fresh yellow fabric that is renewing our love for pale yellow.

Dancing Tulips in Primrose/Green, Sanderson.

Tanzania in Maize, Peter Fasano.

Lily Leaf in Gold, Morris & Co..

Yellow Fabric

Incas, Camengo.

Yellow Fabric

Carnac in Lemon, Christopher Farr Cloth.

Yellow Fabric

Illusion, Casamance.

Yellow Fabric

A Painter’s Garden in Pear & Pomegranate Lemon, Sanderson.

Yellow Fabric

Campbell Stripe in Maize, Peter Fasano; to the trade, John Brooks Inc., SLC.

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