September 28, 2022

Inside Studio 32, down the west hallway of The Monarch in Ogden, you’ll find Carli Miller of Wild Meraki Creations practicing her alchemy. She’s creating concoctions of herbs, oils and minerals to craft her line of smudge wands, wreaths, lunar essence and bath brews. Her space feels like a new age apothecary. It oozes the same positive energy inspired by the Greek word “Meraki,” meaning “you leave a piece of yourself and your soul, creativity and love in what you do.”

The Monarch is houses in an industrial parking garage from the 1920s, offering creative studio memberships, exhibit space and event space. Photo by Shay Design.

While Miller mixes her positive potions, her partner Cameron Williams creates handmade paper, “from pulp to the final product.” Williams, a self-taught papermaker, has been hand making archival paper and books for more than 20 years. Meraki Creations blends Williams’ love of paper making and Miller’s love of flora.

Inside Studio 18, painter Gene Chambers of Studio-66 Hot Rod Art. Photo by Shay Design.

Studio 32 is just one space in The Monarch. Located in the heart of the Nine Rails District just off the 24th Street exit, The Monarch brings artists like Miller and Williams together with patrons in a collaborative environment and marketspace designed to support creative business ventures.

Monarch Butterfly Mural. Photo by Shay Design.

While still in the growing phase, Miller feels hopeful about her future in the space. “The Monarch has been planning so many events, which is nice because it brings people to us,” she says. “The First Friday Art Strolls are always a fun night, and I love the Gourmet Market on Saturday mornings.” During Ogden’s First Friday Art Strolls, artists open up their spaces and share their processes while visitors get a behind-scenes look at how art is made. It’s a gallery of painters, woodworkers, photographers and sculptors commingling and mixing their unique alchemies, all available for you to peruse. 

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Wild Market Moon Goddess Bath Brew.

The Monarch has also become a creative inspiration in and of itself. Initially, Wild Meraki Creations wasn’t going to feature paper. Big into synchronicities, Miller had just resigned from her job, planning to start her botanical business from her home when she learned about The Monarch’s studio rentals. “All of Cameron’s paper-making equipment was in our garage and my herbs were all over the kitchen,” says Miller. “When we saw The Monarch’s space, we decided it was time to combine the businesses. He’d spent so many years collecting his equipment, and it was clearly important to him. The studio gave us the chance to put it all to use.”

455 25th St., Ogden, 801-893-6604


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