October 3, 2022

This month brought me to the corner of State Street and 100 South to photograph a new glass office tower tucked between the City Creek Center and Harmon’s Market that rises 25 stories with a grand lobby featuring a video wall showing tantalizing films of National Park destinations. Known by its address, 95 South State, Okland Construction built the high-rise designed by national architects Skidmore Owings & Merrell (SOM). 

Photography by Scot Zimmerman

The tower soars to just under 400 feet, but it is not the tallest downtown high rise. 

Glass dominates the exterior, but entering the 28-foot-high grand lobby, the wooden ceiling radiates a natural warmth in counterpoint to the marble walls. The video displays with waterfalls and streams in motion are simply mesmerizing. When I made night shots, people were looking in from the street. 

 The lobby has conversation areas well-spaced to allow for privacy. The entrance on 100 South is street level, but as one walks the long corridor of the lobby, it becomes below the grade of hilly State Street. 

Security begins at the portals between the lobby corridor to the elevator banks. The corridor’s ceiling’s angled boards provide for recessed lighting and consistent illumination. 

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