October 3, 2022

When a pool has already turned a backyard into a steps-away summer vacation, how do you make it even more of a retreat? Add a pool house. Waterfront sanctuaries invite us to towel off, lounge, entertain and escape summer’s heat in stylish comfort. Thanks to imaginative creators like designer Hillary Taylor, a classic pool house delivers splashy architecture, features and design that define summer living at its best.  

This beguiling pool house is an irresistible destination located at the back of a lushly landscaped property in Salt Lake City. “We used it to create a view from the main house and to screen the scene behind it,” says designer Hillary Taylor, who was inspired by a feminine garden party when she fashioned the interior’s gathering space, wet bar, changing room and full bathroom. Randomly-set bluestone floors, white walls and black accents ground the decidedly playful décor, 80s-inspired trellis patterns and sherbet-colored hues. Custom outdoor furniture and durable performance fabrics make the sophisticated space as practical and pool-friendly as it is pretty. The pool house also hosts a potting shed and storage room

The interior treats visitors to chic design and come-as-you-are comfort. Photo by Lindsay Salazar.

Hillary Taylor Pool
Custom blue loungers and a charming shade structures deliver an elegant touch to the pool deck. Photo by Lindsay Salazar.

Hillary Taylor Pool
Powdery blue fabric dresses the seating areas. Randomly placed blue tiles mimic the jewel-toned pool outside. Photo by Lindsay Salazar.

Hillary Taylor Pool
Taylor mixes a playful blend of patterns on window shades and wall coverings. Photo by Lindsay Salazar.

Photo by Lindsay Salazar.


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